Just when I thought things were leveling out and stabilizing….

Saturday, I received a phone call from our High Council representative wanting to meet my wife and I on Sunday before church.  When I told my wife, she looked at me and said  “Brandt, what did you write on your blog!!!  I told you to stay away from the controversial stuff!”  As we talked more, a light bulb when on in her head and she said “You’re getting a calling.  I know it.”

Great.  (And that is meant to be read with all the sarcasm in the world).

I’ve been called to be the first counselor in the Elder’s Quorum Presidency.  I accepted the calling.  And (for the next month), the Bishop will have me doing double-duty in both Young Men’s as well as Elder’s Quorum.

Honestly, I’m a little sad.  I’m sad to be leaving my boys, I’m sad to not be able to have awesome lessons where Communism, the Lord of the Rings, and some random gospel principle get thrown into one.  I’m sad that I don’t get to bring donuts once a month if they bring their scriptures 4 straight weeks (which, aside from one week, they’ve been going on 6-7 months).  I could go on and on about the amazing boys I have, and their amazing example to me.  But I won’t, because it would make me sad.

So I’ll do my calling in the Elder’s Quorum to the best of my ability (this is my 3rd tour of duty with the Elder’s Quorum, after having been a President and 1st Counselor, while the other 2 members of the presidency this is their first time).  But I’ll still be hanging out with them before Priesthood, still be friends on Facebook with them, and still try to hide my phone number from them so I don’t get obnoxious text-messages.  But it will be hard.

So what does it mean for this website?  Absolutely nothing.  My father joked to me that I could rename my site and call it the “Elder’s Quorum Counselor,” but it didn’t have the same ring to it.  I’ll still be pressuring my sources for scoops on the new Duty to God information, I’ll still post lesson write-ups every week, and I’ll still post my thoughts and opinions on the young men’s program and commentary on what’s going on.  I just won’t be on the front lines any more.

By the way, BIG NEWSon Wednesday on the new Duty to God program.  Here’s a little bit of a sneak peak……my sources might have gotten me some pictures of the new Duty to God book, including one of the inside pages!