This blog is still active. I’ve got about 15 drafts that I’ve got waiting in my queue to upload, but within the last month and a half I’ve been bombarded with a new calling, a new job, plus licensing and certification exams that have been occupying much of my time. My big examination is on Monday the 28th of August, and so on September 1st there will be no shortage of posts.

To give you an idea of what I’m working on…..

– Lots of updates to the “lesson” sections
– A few talks I’ve given that I will update to the Lessons/Other talks section of the website.

Here’s a few of the posts I’m working on…
– Part 3 of my Duty to God predictions (even though it’s a bit late)
– Duty to God – Now What?
– Teens and Cell Phones and “Kids these days”
– My Love/Hate Relationship with EFY
– The Pivotal Youth Conference
– “Get Off My Lawn,” or, an examination of the nostalgic nature of teenagers
– My movie review of the one movie that everyone working with teens should see
– A possible guest post by my wife with her experiences at girls camp, and the differences between Scout Camp/High Adventure and Girls camp
– Young Men and Modesty – is there a rule?

Plus your questions and much more! If you have any suggestions for topics, or you want to guest post here, drop me a line at YMCounselorAdvice [AT] Gmail [DOT] com

Thanks for the understanding, and thank you very much for the comments and for your emails. They’ve really helped!

Again, there won’t be any posts until the beginning of September, but once that rolls around, be prepared to be bombarded!