Because of this weekend’s General Conference, the posting schedule will be updated. My goal is to spend the weekend getting caught up on the lessons for Manual 2 so that I can be somewhat caught up. By my count, we should be at or around Lesson 39 (Moral Courage), giving us 11-12 lessons before the end of the year.

I will be over at By Common Consent, taking part in my yearly tradition for the last 3years of liveblogging during General Conference, posting thoughts and commentary in their comments section along with other like-minded individuals.  Think of it as play-by-play and color commentary for General Conference.  Please come join, it’s a great way to further expound on ideas in Conference (or join the commentary on the neck ties of the General Authorities).

Saturday Night, immediately following the Priesthood session, I will be posting my commentary about  the talks as well as the reoccurring themes I heard directed at the young men.  We don’t get out of Priesthood here on the East Coast until 10PM EST, so you can burn the midnight oil with me, or have some nice reading to catch up on between Conference sessions.  If you have any thoughts that you have on the messages you heard or the themes discussed, please feel free to leave your comments!

There’s a few other embers I might have in the fires, but I don’t want to jinx anything.